NGS memo: ‘Future Directions’

Memo from John Fahey, President & CEO of the National Geographic Society
Forwarded to NGS staff by Tony Sablo, Senior Vice President, Human Resources, National Geographic Society

As you know, 36 of your colleagues are currently participating on Future Directions workgroups, tasked with framing issues and proposing solutions in three areas ranked as high priority by NG staff:

1.    Transforming our organizational culture/Supporting management and staff development/Improving internal communication
2.    Determining the future of membership
3.    Improving workplace technology/systems

While the workgroups have access to all of your thoughtful survey responses on these topics, their success is dependent on a continuing dialog with NG staff.  I strongly encourage you to read about the workgroups’ efforts and offer your feedback on the ideas they are considering by following the newly-launched Future Directions Blog.  Simply cut and paste the URL below into Firefox and register following the prompts. (Under the word NEXT on the signup page there are more detailed instructions for how to register.)

Not only is this new blog a way for staff to participate in the Future Directions work, but it is an exploration of how technology might be employed more broadly to improve cross-divisional communication and collaboration.  Within each area, visitors to the blog will be able to read background on the workgroup’s assignment and view meeting minutes.  Beginning in earnest next week, staff can also participate in activities such as voting in polls created by the workgroups and posting comments in dialog with the group and other staff members.   Guidelines for participation are found below.

Thank you for your continued commitment to National Geographic through your participation in the Future Directions process.

— John Fahey

Future Directions Blog: Guidelines for Participation — The blog is open only to National Geographic and National Geographic Channel staff.  All blog content, including staff comments, are considered proprietary and confidential National Geographic material.

Contributions to the blog should be constructive and help further the work of the workgroups.  Blog postings and comments are NOT anonymous.

NOTE:  The Future Directions blog is a new communications tool for National Geographic, so we may experience some hiccups along the way.  Thank you in advance for your patience and your participation.  Please direct any feedback (positive or concerns) to David Beal, Tony Sablo, or Donna Sprague.

Tony Sablo
Senior Vice President
Human Resources

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