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The Road To 50,000


Newsletter_chimp_0099ccSign up for our monthly newsletter, and we promise NOT to send it to you until we have 50,000 subscribers.

Why? Because the ultimate goal of our email list is not to tell you stuff we can share here at Society Matters.

Our goal is to assemble a huge community of people who might be able to persuade the Board of Trustees of the National Geographic Society to change course.

Because if they don’t, then the Murdoch media madness will continue to spread:

Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation
owns the National Geographic Channel.

Please be part of the 50,000, and help us tell the National Geographic’s Board of Trustees: our Society — and our society — should not support itself by betraying people who trust us… by befriending dictatorial thugs… or by mocking the poor and the defenseless.

Please help us tell the NGS Board of Trustees: the Murdoch Madness stops here.

When that day finally arrives, you won’t simply be reading the news(letter); you’ll be making it.

{ We promise to keep your name & email address confidential. }

NO NEW POSTS will be published here after February 6, 2014. THIS IS WHY.