Dear John: Why is a “violent insurrectionist” the star of an upcoming show on the National Geographic Channel?

See update (below)

Meet James Yeager. According to a news report, he’s the star of an upcoming episode of Doomsday Preppers, which is now one of the most profitable shows on the National Geographic Channel:

This is the campaign run by the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, which is trying to persuade National Geographic to cancel the Doomsday Preppers episode featuring “violent insurrectionist” James Yeager:


This is David Lyle, CEO of the National Geographic Channel:

David Lyle

David Lyle

This is Rupert Murdoch:

Rupert Murdoch laughs

This is John Fahey, Chairman of the Board of the National Geographic Society:

John Fahey National Geographic

It’s worth remembering that John Fahey has the authority to unilaterally kill shows on the Channel if he considers them inappropriate for the National Geographic Society. At least that’s what John said last year to a national radio audience.

So, what do you think, John? Does this episode of Doomsday Preppers deserve to be cancelled? If so, when? If not, why not?


Update, 20 September 2013 @ 10pm

From the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence:

UPDATE: On September 19, 2013, the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence was sent the following statement by Chris Albert, a Senior Vice President for Communications and Talent Relations with National Geographic Channels:

“Doomsday Preppers documents many individuals from across the country with unique beliefs and practices as they prepare (legally) to protect themselves and their families from various disaster scenarios. Given recent events such as Hurricane Sandy and the flooding in Colorado, this program is also a valuable platform for presenting survival tips to our viewers, and we regret that any potential interview has clouded the important work this show does. With more than 600 hours in production at any given time, we give our producers the liberty to conduct hundreds of interviews for programming on our behalf, including for this series. [James Yeager] was approached by our production company for participation in the upcoming season of Doomsday Preppers. However, after being made aware of the interview and consulting with the producers, National Geographic Channel does not believe that he fits with the show or the network, and we do not plan to air his interview in the series.”

  • Dave S

    I don’t see why it should be cancelled. James Yeager’s an extremely knowledgeable guy, with a lot of personality, who made a heat of the moment youtube video defending his right to bear arms. The man was a police officer, and a respected one- he’s hardly a ‘violent insurrectionist’, and he’s actually heavily criticised militias and several far right groups in the past. Coalition to Stop gun violence seems to be attempting to piggyback off Yeager’s outburst in order to publicise themselves. By all means they should be able to put forward their viewpoint but why should Yeager and doomsday preppers’ fans be penalised?

    • Dave,
      Thanks for your note, but even the executives at the National Geographic Channel don’t agree with you. See the update, above.

    • MarkM

      I agree with you 100%. He never actually did anything; he had a moment of weakness…something we have all been guilty of once in our life. He loves our country and our freedoms and said some stuff he really didn’t mean literally. So anti-gunners celebrate your momentary victory, because in the end you accomplished nothing.

  • John Tremblay

    And here we see that this anti-gun group showing it isn’t about stoping gun violence at all.

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