Gary Knell leaves NPR to become National Geographic’s new CEO & President

Gary Knell will become the new President & CEO of the National Geographic Society.

Gary Knell

Read the story from NPR here.
Gary Knell’s statement to NPR’s staff is here.
The National Geographic Society’s press release is here.
The Washington Post coverage is here.
The New York Times story is here.

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    Am interested to see what Mr. Knell brings to the table. I would like to remain positive; however, I’m not getting my hopes up.

    Loved the article on the Washington Post website today, including the salary that JF received in 2011 (“National Geographic reported revenue of $455.4 million in fiscal 2011 [the latest year that figures are available], with a surplus of $3.4 million. Its tax filing said Fahey earned $1.4 million in 2011, almost triple Schiller’s compensation the same year”). While the company is laying people off left and right, and cutting divisional budgets, glad the execs know what is really important.

    • Gary Knell will no doubt get a nice bump in his salary. The question is whether or not he has any clue how to fix what ails the 501(c)3 side of NGS. If not, he will inherit the awkward situation that John Fahey created: an organization (NGS) that’s financially dependent on a different company (Fox) over which Mr Knell has virtually no control.

      Stay tuned….

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