The end of Taboo?

No formal announcement seems to have been released by National Geographic. But the Channel’s Twitter stream reveals this interesting item: Taboo USA, which has been one of the Channel’s most offensive shows, may have finally been shuttered:


The question, of course, is why? Could it be the popular backlash to this sort of programming?

BDSM Facebook comments

  • cdwidea

    I’m guessing ratings, you do know its a business, right? the show has been on a long time. making decisions based on social media alone is pretty stupid.

    • Is it standard operating procedure to kill a TV series mid-season? I don’t think so.

  • Scott T. Shier

    What about the fact that they (apparently) had already paid for –and produced– at least the bulk of the remainder of the said season…? Why not just air what was already “made” ?

    As for NGC being a (commerical) “business” . . . well, PERHAPS the N.G.S. should never have started re-organizing itself as a for-profit entertainment corp. ?

    • I’m afraid that “entertainment corp” is the only big idea that John Fahey could dream up. Otherwise, why go down this path?

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