The Pro-Am Divide: Two Stories

The Chicago Sun-Times recently fired all its photographers.
The paper’s new plan: Hire freelancers.
And give each Sun-Times reporter an iPhone
along with tips on how to use its camera.
So when the Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup this week,
the Sun-Times published this:

Chicago Sun Times Stanley Cup cover

Meanwhile, the Chicago Tribune, which still maintains
a staff of professional photographers,
published this:

Chicago Tribune cover Stanley Cup

Score one for the pros.
On the other hand…
When Rusty, a red panda, escaped from the National Zoo this week,
professional photojournalists and videographers
ran a slow second:

Old media meets new media

Score one for the amateurs.

≡ Stanley Cup covers via PetaPixel 
≡ Tweet by @Patrick_Madden

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