Who is a journalist?

The guy who shot this video:

  • Al Sensu

    he crazy

  • cdwidea

    Videographer, not a journalist. I dressed a good size cut on my neighbor’s hand yesterday, doesn’t make me a doctor. I appreciate your point on where information comes from, but you don’t need to overplay it.

    • To be a doctor, you need to attend medical school and then receive official certification from your state’s medical board.

      What’s the equivalent education & certification that’s required to be considered a journalist?

      • cdwidea

        Fair enough, bad analogy. Actually you make a good point, would love to see some standards for journalists now that I think about it. Journalism as a term is thrown out there a bit too much – sorry, taking a video of a tornado is cool- but not necessarily journalism. I, like you, have higher standards for some things – i don’t believe journalists have to work for the NYT – but not everyone with a camera is a journalist. I LOVE that so much more information is coming from any source – but words get thrown around so easily they lose all meaning.

        So I sang in the shower this morning, doesn’t make me a performer. Or i fixed the leg of my chair, doesn’t make me a carpenter. Or I thew a baseball, doesn’t make me a pitcher. So I wrote a grocery list, doesn’t make me a writer.

        One of those might suffice, but I’m assuming at some point, you’ll get the picture. All in all, its making a mountain out of a molehill – but hey, that’s what i love about this site.

        • I get your point in a general way. But this discussion is more than a molehill. It echoes conversations going on all over the web re: who is a journalist, and what should we expect from people who do journalism.

          I like this approach: Making Citizen Broadcasters into Citizen Journalists: When everyone is a publisher, everyone should be a journalist, too

          • cdwidea

            No, its a molehill. Ultimately it doesn’t matter what you call them – people uploading video aren’t journalists just because they can, nor is uploading the internet broadcasting just because you can. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what you call it, i suppose, its a new thing – and I, like most people it seems, want good stuff – not mountains and mountains of garbage. I don’t want to read everyone’s nonsense – I want to read/watch/listen to well thought out articles, interesting research, a well-told story – whatever- done by people that know how to do it. The internet allows more people to be found, which is great. Sorry, not EVERYONE can do that – certainly everyone has the technology available to them, more or less, but that doesn’t mean its all good. Gotten off on a tangent here.

          • Well, “who is a journalist” is a topic of interest in journalism circles, even though you might find it a pointless exercise.

            And you’re right — there’s a lot of junk out there, and I don’t expect you to waste time with it. But the point is that even if .00001 percent of what’s on the web is worth viewing, then the challenge is to find ways of finding the good stuff. And the web has ways of doing that.

            It’s also worth noting that NGM photographers, when they shot film, would typically go through more than 1000 rolls of Kodachrome on an assignment. That’s close to 40,000 images (or more) to produce maybe 14 to 18 pictures for publication. That’s a lot of garbage to get the good stuff.

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