6 easy steps to making big money in media

STEP 1: Create TV programs that fuel “popular conspiracy theories”:

STEP 2: “Fact check” these same “popular conspiracy theories” which you have aggressively promoted on your own television channel, and show how these theories “can be easily debunked by science”:



STEP 3: Watch the CEO of one of your media subsidiaries stride onto a public stage, and then verbally stumble when he momentarily forgets whether he is the CEO of The Organization That Cares About Science… OR the CEO of The Organization That Perpetuates Conspiracy Theories Because Real Science Is Boring:

STEP 4: Revel in the corporate confusion & personal havoc you’ve created. Congratulate yourself on your ability to create conflict, then monetize it. (As we’ve noted before, Rupert Murdoch is a lot like fight promoter Don King, but with a lot less hair.)


STEP 5: Count your cash.

STEP 6: Rinse & repeat.

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