John Fahey’s “boring” job

TO: John Fahey, Chairman & CEO of the National Geographic Society
RE:  “Boring”? Really?

If you tell an audience gathered at NGS that your work as Chairman & CEO of the Society is “far more boring [than] the discussions you will be having,” it sounds as if you think their discussions are somewhat boring.

Also: Why do you think your work is (relatively) boring? Given the fact that our Society’s business model is crumbling, and that the future of NGS is at stake, we’d imagine that meetings in your office would be very lively ones, and keep your adrenaline flowing.

Building the future of the National Geographic Society is anything but boring.

{ Note to National Geographic YouTube team: Change the thumbnail on this video. The way the background text is cropped sends the public the wrong message. }

  • Fact Checker

    Umm. Alan. Look at the ownership of this video clip. It’s not National Geographic. It was posted to YouTube by TEDxTalks. You can find that out by clicking on the little i in the circle in the top right-hand corner. You should direct your criticism at TEDxTalks.

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