John Fahey announces his retirement: The real deal… or April Fools?

UPDATE: Monday, April 1, 2013 @ 11:56pm

The NGS Board of Trustees
(and Bloomberg)
say it’s not a joke: 


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original post:

{ click to enlarge }John_Fahey_announces_retirement_National_Geographic_Chairman_CEO{ from National Geographic’s intranet }

  • He’s the Devil We Know, but he’s right: new perspective is a good principle – unless the new head of NGS is one more boardroom cavalier, male or female. Can we persuade Sylvia Earle or Bob Ballard or David Doubillet – someone with real exploring credentials – to take the Society in the direction AGB, Colonel Powell and the other Cosmos Club enthusiasts wanted it to take? Yes, it’s a new world, renewed many times since 1888, but curiosity is still our most powerful tool.

    • DClover

      You were correct when you said, “…unless the new head of NGS is one more boardroom cavalier…” Sylvia, Bob, or David would have to be approached and approved by the Board, as you are aware. Do you think any of these three would sell their souls? I don’t. And I’m not sure if they have the CEO-type experience the Board will want.

      • Who will the Board tap to lead NGS? The only person less likely to get the nod than Sylvia, Bob, or David is… me.

        As Chairman, John will find someone who will do everything he’s been doing — and then some. If the Board wanted someone with some Old School cred, they wouldn’t have ushered Tim Kelly to the door.

    • New perspective is only a good idea if it’s a better perspective than the one we have now. As for Sylvia Earle et al — they’re very good at what they do, but it would be disastrous to put them in charge of NGS. (Sylvia knows about fish, but what does she know about managing people or an organization, or the challenges of all things digital?)

      That said, I agree w/you that it’s a new world, renewed many times since 1888. Question is: what’s the path to renewal now?

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