Ushering in a new year of hope, good tidings & “caring about the planet” at the National Geographic Channel (2013 edition)

On New Year’s Day 2012, the National Geographic Channel featured an all-day marathon of prison & drug shows. This year, it’s a full day about The End of the World.

Happy new year!


  • Joe Smith

    I looked on the web site for this show and found an ad for Atlas Survival Shelters. Continuing the slow death of a great brand.

    • Guest


    • Fear isn’t much of a long-term business model, but in the short term, I guess it can move some product.

  • Vann Cunningham

    I cannot believe this drivel comes from National Geographic. Showing an obviously disturbed teen collecting weapons and talking about killing people is just irresponsible. I have now blocked my nine year old from watching NGC. He was very upset by this portrayal.

    • Vann Cunningham

      I should have said betrayal.

    • Guest

      After what I see on the NG Channel, your son won’t be missing much. As for the execs at NGC and NGS, you are, obviously, not their ideal consumer. I wish there would be more like you who won’t watch this drivel (NGC, etc.).

    • I’m afraid the “drivel” you mention is just one drop amidst a tsunami of drivel. I imagine David Lyle, CEO of the National Geographic Channel, would tell you that drivel sells. And that it’s not his job to change the tastes of the viewing public, or even to lead them. It’s simply to serve up what people want to watch.

      On that point: Feeding Christians to the Lions

      Thanks for your comment, and for stopping by.

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