When graphic designers run amok

Sometimes the visual people just don’t get it. 

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From UC’s Logo Blunder, by Arno Rosenfeld:

… But their current rebranding, which changes the logo from the historic 1868 seal to a new “monogram,” seems to have entirely missed the boat on what makes a strong university brand.

While the UC views a “logo” from over 100 years ago as a liability, it is actually a tremendous asset.

When newspapers made their first foray onto the internet, they made the blunder of assuming their dead-tree brand would be too luddite for an online audience That’s why you visit SFGate.com instead of SFChronicle.com and OregonLive.com instead of Oregonian.com.

The crucial flaw was that while newspapers may not have the sexiest websites, they’ve spent decades building people’s trust. By scrubbing their iconic gothic nameplates from their websites in an effort to appear modern, they actually just forfeit their credibility. …

People don’t want to attend a brand. 


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