She helped spawn ‘Toddlers & Tiaras’ (which gave us Honey Boo Boo). Now she’s coming our way.

From Frontline & 60 Minutes… then to TLC’s Toddlers & Tiaras… toΒ Shark Week… to us:


  • Fedup2

    Oh wonderful…

    • The wonders are only just beginning…. πŸ™‚

  • cdwidea

    ho-hum, once again you blatantly skew to try and make your point. I don’t know anything about brooke, I’m guessing that you don’t either – shark week is fantastic, Toddlers less so. How do we know if she was assigned it, developed it, etc. I’m tired of the propaganda without any substance on this site, its growing tiresome. There’s no Honey-BooBoo in the article i see, yet you have it tagged in the blog post. Shameless.

    • You’re right, I don’t know Ms. Runnette. And I don’t know the exact role she played at TLC in the development of Toddlers & Tiaras… though I’d love to find out. (Please let me know if she’s available for an interview.) Then again, I didn’t do much here except post a news clip, so I’m not sure exactly what has upset you so.

      Re: the Honey Boo-Boo tag β€” HBB is in the title of the post. She’s the offspring of Toddlers & Tiaras. She’s an international star. So we included the tag. However, if you think our tagging protocols are inconsistent and need review, then I’ll be sure to bring up your concerns with our tagging team at our next cross-divisional meeting. (note to Steve in Tagging: Please share this comment thread with your staff.)

      Re: “shameless” β€” we must have a very different understanding of what the word means. To me, shameless is telling a Hutterite community you’re going to make a documentary, but then produce a reality TV show instead that humiliates the community; shameless is smearing the reputation of an entire ethnic group just to juice the ratings; shameless is pointing an accusatory finger at the Philippines when you know the root of the Blood Ivory problem is really in China.

      You know what else is shameless? This. And this. And this.

      Or do you still think that Honey Boo Boo tag was totally unacceptable?

      • cdwidea

        yea, i do – you can divert the conversation all you want, but doesn’t change the point. Your attempt to make belittle my opinion didn’t work.

        I liked when you were trying to make a difference with this site, but you are so overtly negative now, its becoming harder to stay interested.You brought in Honey Boo Boo for its controversy -its not related to the article at all, toddlers was in the headline, but that’s not in the tags- that’s called shameless editing. Shark week is in the tags, but not in the headline, you chose to ignore 60 minutes – so I don’t know (or care) what your rules are. Only that you choose them to suit your cause, just own it, you’ll feel better. Your site, your rules- but don’t be a child if people disagree

        By they way, don’t you think Petraeus is shameless? I can divert conversations as well, but generally, that’s just a childish tactic.

        • After lengthy meetings with Steve & his staff in Tagging, we’ve decided you’re absolutely right: our tags on this post were not editorially as even as they should have been, and violated various tagging protocols we established long ago here at Society Matters.

          To address your legitimate concerns, I’ve added the following tags to this post: 60 Minutes, Frontline, ABC News, Emmy Award, Peabody Award.

          If you have any other questions, suggestions, or complaints, please let us know.

          Thanks much for your input, C. And keep in touch.

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