Simulated bestiality & a tick on a man’s penis

Here’s a new National Geographic TV show
about a woman getting dry humped by a dolphin:

Here’s a new National Geographic TV show
about a man with a tick on his penis:

Here’s John Fahey, Chairman & CEO of the National Geographic Society, reassuring a national radio audience in March 2012 that he’s aware of the longstanding problem with National Geographic’s trashy TV programming, and that the problem is being addressed by the Channel’s new management team:

Here’s Rupert Murdoch, whose News Corporation owns the National Geographic Channel, laughing all the way to the bank.

John Fahey rarely gives interviews.
But this type of programming raises all sorts of questions.
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  • Fedup2

    Just when you think NGC can’t go any lower, surprise! JF has been telling the NGS staff for many months this same bull. I am ashamed to say I work at the “Society.”

    • I have the sinking feeling the Channel is just getting warmed up.

      • Fedup2

        Yup, I think so too. How lovely… 🙁

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