Three victims of NGC’s “factual fiction” speak out

To: John Fahey, Chairman & CEO of National Geographic
Re: The Joke That Isn’t

During your presentation at last week’s all-hands staff meeting at NGS headquarters, you decided to go for a big laugh this way:

Now, meet three members of the Romani community (“gypsy” is an epithet) — Daniele Morgan, Aaron Williams, and Tony Hutson — who are stepping forward to tell you why “factual fiction” like National Geographic’s American Gypsies is not funny. Instead, it’s been a nightmare:


John Fahey rarely, if ever, gives interviews.
But we’re requesting one — partly to ask him this question:
What, if anything, would you like to say to Daniele, Aaron & Tony?
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  • Guest

    Yes, John, we USED to do know how to do specials. Now…well, we know the story. Don’t really understand why people were laughing at the terms “factual fiction” and “factual entertainment.” I was there in person and heard all the laughing. I didn’t find any of the conversation funny. In all fairness, I don’t know if the room erupted into nervous laughter. It didn’t seem it.

    • Definitely nervous laughter. In the current climate, what other kind of laughter can there be?

      • Guest

        So true. And what do “factual fiction” and “factual entertainment” even mean?

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