“National Geographic has its good name attached to this garbage?”

I’ve had my differences with PZ Myers, who is one of the marquee bloggers at ScienceBlogs.

But I’ll give him this: He doesn’t mince his words.

Here’s his take on a recent public poll that asked voters which presidential candidate they thought would handle a UFO invasion best. The poll was conducted by National Geographic, which owns and operates ScienceBlogs… and which pays PZ Myers:

{ Read the whole thing here. }

Then again, maybe there’s a method to this apparent madness: National Geographic dreamed up the poll… paid for it… publicized it… reaped the rewards of that publicity… and then criticized it on web pages featuring ads for the new Toyota Prius  — and it all came out of one shop.

In other words: National Geographic has managed to monetize a conflict of its own creation. (See also: the ongoing controversy about Meet The Hutterites.)

This build the fire, feed the fire strategy is a staple at Fox News, which is owned by Rupert Murdoch, who also owns the National Geographic Channel.

Which makes me think that Rupert Murdoch is a lot like fight promoter Don King, but with far more media clout — and a lot less hair.


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  • Kelly

    Scienceblogs is garbage- completely biased, industry fed garbage (see Pepsigate, Bhopal one writers piece covering it was yanked due to concerns it would anger potential advertisers), medical coverage on autism and CCSVI. Recently a doctor, trying to be civil on a blog about autism and environmental factors was told to ‘take a flying fvck at a rolling donut… My I don’t give a shjt tank is empty and I don’t care about your…’it really inspires me about the world! Not.

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