Lesbian Lovers in a Brazilian Prison: Encore Presentation

March 30, 2012

From On The Media: “The Multiple Personalities of National Geographic” (WNYC via NPR):

BOB GARFIELD (co-host of On The Media):  …  On your Channel, NatGeo Channel, you’ve women in prison, you’ve got adult men in diapers, with bottles and pacifiers, high-priced hookers, Nazis. Has NatGeo, the Channel, strayed from the editorial mission of National Geographic, the magazine published by The Society for the last hundred and – almost fifty years?

 JOHN FAHEY (Chairman & CEO of the National Geographic Society):  It’s unfortunate, in a way, that the Channel cannot successfully reflect exactly what the National Geographic Magazine is. I think the audience for each proves to be very different, and to be successful we will have to have a mix of shows that we think are spot on brand, spot on mission, and there’ll be a variety of other shows there that may not appear to be on mission, but are the types of programs that’ll allow this Channel to survive and thrive so that we can do other things in that portfolio that will clearly be much more what one would expect from National Geographic.

BOB GARFIELD:  Brazilian women in prison subsidizing voyages to the bottom of the sea.

JOHN FAHEY:  … I can understand your point, picking out certain of the – of the programs that, quite frankly, we’re not very proud of today. Right now we have new management at the Channel. They are in the process of really looking at the entire slate of programming and working very closely, by the way, with the magazine people here. So we’re going to try to get a much larger percentage of that entire portfolio to reflect the principles and mission of National Geographic. …

August 12, 2012

After “new management” reviewed our “entire slate of programming,” the lesbian lovers in the Brazilian prison evidently made the cut! … Yesterday on Twitter:

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