Jeff Collins tips his hand

Jeff Collins, the executive producer of Meet the Hutterites,
just had a moment of extreme candor on Twitter:

To which I replied:

{ The backstory is here. }

  • truthiness isus

    dear mr. mairson, i believe that mr. collins is correct and you are mostly wrong.  mr. collins is correct because the people at the top always blame the staff, especially if they are producers. you are correct when you suggest that mr. collins road in on bill allards coat tails but you are wrong sir, dead wrong when you say that national geographic does not say, “yada, yada.” and by national geographic i mean, the board, john fahey, tim kelly  and the rest of them. every time fahey and kelly stand on the stage at an all hands meeting they say, “yada, yada.” fahey stood up in front of the staff and said ‘”FOX is where the money is coming from.” FOX, said it. they did not draw pictures, they show film clips and power points. i believe those of us who read your blog understand that you are troubled by the dismantling of the brand, but ask yourself how troubled the brand is/was in dismantling you? or many of the people whose names are on your board of advisers? if there were really tax issues then the IRS would be auditing and enforcing penalties. i admire your tenacity but like any business, it’s seen it’s peak and now it’s on the way down. not before they pour millions into the 100th anniversary though. we are focusing on exploration because we can exploit that talent and after all, to know the world is to change it.

    • Don’t despair, T. Tomorrow is gonna be a brighter day. 🙂

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