American Gypsies & the National Geographic Channel

I’ve already received emails from concerned members of the Roma (Gypsy) community who are worried about how they will be portrayed in an upcoming National Geographic Channel series called American Gypsies.

After watching this trailer — the yelling, the fist fights, the gangster-esque smashing of a car window — do you think the fears of community members are justified? Does this look like a culturally sensitive portrayal of the Roma? Do you think they’ll be pleased with the show?

  • Filmsexy

    all I know is this show looks fascinating and I can’t wait to watch it

    • fs- What part of the show do you like best? The yelling? The scene where one brother punches the other brother in the head? Smashing the car window? Such a rich visual tapestry to celebrate the proud heritage of the Roma!

  • Guest

    With a screen name like “Filmsexy,” I would expect that. 

    Shows like this are on to make us “entertain” us so says the CEO of the NG Channel. Those watching will watch to laugh at them, a form of bullying.

  • Sharmay474

    If you don’t want your kids to be American why are you on TV

  • guest

    The show is on iTunes, and can be downloaded for free this week.

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