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A brief Twitter exchange with David Roberts of Grist Magazine.

Storified by Alan Mairson · Wed, Jun 20 2012 23:46:49

On Monday, the New York Times published this editorial:
Earth AgonistesOn Wednesday, world leaders will gather in Rio de Janeiro to review progress made in the 20 years since the 1992 U.N. Earth Summit and ho…
” … and hopefully to chart a new path toward a more sustainable future. Protecting the planet and its people must be their first priority.”
And so on. 
Which prompted this exchange with David Roberts (@drgrist) of Grist Magazine:  
I agree with editorials like this – – but honestly, they’re so familiar now, so rote, that I glaze over.David Roberts
@drgrist As does everyone else. But what’s Plan B?Alan Mairson
@AlanMairson A renewed focus on the dirty, amoral mechanisms of political power?David Roberts
@drgrist If the challenge for Greens is a political one, then what do you make of 1st video here: >> 1/2Alan Mairson
Bringing value and making a difference: CEO of National Geographicibmibv
@drgrist 2/2 Head of major Green org who says the challenge really is information & understanding. Any reaction?Alan Mairson
@AlanMairson He is wrong.David Roberts
David’s response reminds me of this observation by Neil Postman: 
Neil Postman on Informationsocietymatters
Which is to say: Another NGM story about melting glaciers might provide some exciting photo ops and more information, but it will do nothing to help us solve the serious environmental challenges that confront us.  

  • Truthinessisus

    “to know the world is to change it,” said the rich white anglo saxon man talking about exploitation. or was that exploration?  i remind you, national geographic is run by largely by rich, white, men. thank you mr. fahey  for reminding us. all you need is a pith helmut. 

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