It’s no big mystery why “their freedoms are slipping away”

From the story:

… Leung Kwok Hung—a leading pro-democracy activist and legislative council member known as Long Hair, for the hippie mane that falls between his shoulder blades—rails against what he sees as a growing prohibition against free speech. “The police kowtow to Beijing, because if you say no to what the Communist Party wants, you’re saying no to your career,” he says. “But that extends to government officials too, and the tycoons who own the media or want to do business in China. ….”

Chris Johns & Terry Adamson pose with our new publishing partners in the People’s Republic of China (2007).

Chris & Terry shake hands with our new partners.

Chris Johns & Terry Adamson celebrate NGM's new publishing partnership in the People's Republic of China. (2007)

James Cameron, National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence

Tim Kelly, President of the National Geographic Society

Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp is the majority owner of the National Geographic Channel.

John Fahey National Geographic

John Fahey, NGS CEO

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