Dear Ai Weiwei: Yes, we know it. But your mission is no longer ours. Sincerely, The National Geographic Society

James Cameron, National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence

Tim Kelly, President of the National Geographic Society

Chris Johns & Terry Adamson celebrate NGM's new publishing partnership in the People's Republic of China. (2007)

 John Fahey National Geographic

≡  Ai Weiwei graphic from Beware of Images
≡  James Cameron quote from The New York Times
≡  Tim Kelly quote from The Hollywood Reporter
≡  Chris Johns & Terry Adamson cartoon & imagined quotes by Society Matters

  • j doe

    James Cameron happily sold brave Chinese democracy advocats down the river so he could make more $billions selling movies about blue cat people living on alien moons fighting evil white American Marines. He clearly sees nothing wrong with supporting this horrific injustice, as long as the dollars keep rolling his way. Such is the state of the power holders in America’s rotten media system – rotten to the core.

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