Stop the insanity (part 2)

Our Society is attempting to build a digital publishing business
around manufactured “dramas” such as this:

Meanwhile, our Society remains silent
about an actual life-and-death drama such as this:

From Evan Osnos at The New Yorker:

Over the years, the extraordinary journey of Chen Guangcheng has been an inspiration, a protest, and, at times, a dark farce. Now, through his own sheer will, his life has come to symbolize, for China and the United States, an opportunity.

Sometime in the last few days, Chen slipped out of the stone farmhouse on the rural plains of Shandong province where he has been held under house arrest, with his family, off and on since 2005. … He is now believed to be under the protection of U.S. diplomats.  …

To the United States, he has presented a related question. What do a blind peasant lawyer and the privileged senior Party police boss Wang Lijun—who fled to the U.S. consulate in February—have in common? When their system failed them, each man, from opposite ends of the political spectrum, sought protection from the Americans. We should be proud of that.

Yet our Society isn’t proud. It is silent.
Because Chen Guangcheng is living a story
that no longer interests our Society’s executives: 

Chris Johns & Terry Adamson celebrate NGM's new publishing partnership in the People's Republic of China. (2007)

Our Society — and our society — deserve far better than this.

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