On The Media examines the National Geographic Channel’s “slew of pulp non-fiction shows”

Last month, the NatGeo channel unveiled “Diggers,” a show about treasure hunters with metal detectors that the Society for American Archaeology said glorifies looting. “Diggers” is only one of a slew of pulp non-fiction shows on the NatGeo Channel that would surprise anyone familiar with the more-then-century-old National Geographic Magazine. Bob speaks to SAA president Fred Limp, National Geographic Society CEO John Fahey, and NatGeo Channel CEO David Lyle.

HOSTED BY: Bob Garfield

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Here’s the story:

Read the transcript here.

For more on David Lyle, please see:

UPDATE:  Bob Garfield was given very limited time (10 minutes, I’m told) to interview John Fahey, and therefore could only begin what should be an extended conversation about National Geographic’s partnership with Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation. If you’d like to learn more about the impact of this deal, please consider clicking Like on the Dear John: Let’s Talk widget (in the right sidebar). Thanks.

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