SNL sketch hits close to the bone

This type of program seems painfully familiar….

UPDATE @ 9:30pm:
I just realized why it’s so familiar.
SNL’s sketch was obviously inspired by this segment
from the show Sport Science produced by our friends at Fox:

  • Jan Adkins

    Science? Science? This wasn’t an experiment. The outcome was certain, nothing was in question except the remarkably low range of the participants’ taste. This is blatant “Eewwwww” Factor pandering compounded by grade school humor. Soap Opera Science for passive jocks is expectable from Fox, ostensibly not from NGS. Still, the Eewww Factor has never been far from the TV division, which conceded at the outset that it was competing with other mass media purveyors and so awarded itself a less stringent editorial mandate. There was a distinct “dumber is better for TV land” decision, and at one time it wasn’t a hidden attitude. Does audience composition and the desire for broader audience determine editorial honesty? Unless some original publishing ethic exists inviolate, it’s inevitable that the perceived character of the  reader changes the long-term story. But we’re all many readers: I read Curious George to my grandson with one voice, engineering reports in another. Which reader do we choose to perceive? NGS lost respect for its readership at some point. Or was the change mandated? You know my suspicions, here.

  • Guest

    Many people who work at NGS agree with your thoughts, Mr. Adkins, especially those of us who have been there for more than, say, five minutes. 

    This type of “experiment” is bathroom humor and I have no doubt this type of show would be acceptable to the NG Channel. As long as money is coming in, the executives don’t care what is being shown. The dumbing of America is alive and well. The founders (and many others) are rolling over in their graves.

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