The Fox & The Hen House

Howard Owens, the new President of the National Geographic Channel, recently greenlit a TV movie based on the book Killing Lincoln, by Bill O’Reilly of Fox News. According to The Hollywood Reporter:

Howard Owens

… As it happens, Owens walked in the door at Nat Geo with the project, which one of his former William Morris colleagues not only had had the rights to but also the interest of producers Tony and Ridley Scott. That the network and the project’s author share a corporate boss in News Corp is “totally fortuitous,” Owens told The Hollywood Reporter in an interview, adding that there will be fact checkers on this as there are on every project at the network.

Other genres Owens is eager to explore include politics. The desire is fitting not only because Nat Geo is based in Washington, DC, but also because Owens is the son of a former Senator. What such a push will entail he isn’t yet sure; though he insists the channel has no plans to take sides politically. “All I know,” he added, “is that we’re sitting in the middle of DC and it’s an election year and we’re not going to deny that.”


John Fahey, Chairman & CEO of the National Geographic Society,
describes the organization’s mission:

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