“Talk about tarnishing a once-iconic brand”

The whole article is here.

Thanks to Scott Woodham of the Alaska Dispatch for asking me to write this piece.
And thanks also to the readers of the Alaska Dispatch for their interest,
and for their comments around the web.


UPDATE: Friday, December 30, 2011 @ 11:30pm
from Alaska Dispatch:

(We must be asking the right questions if we’re drawing a bigger crowd
than Alaska smoked salmon chowder… if only for a moment!)

  • Guest


    A lot of NG employees hearts have sank seeing what has becoming of our beloved NG. Your commentary was spot-on!

    JF, the Board, and other  executives care only about the bottom line—money (to line their pockets). As long as the Channel is bringing in money from these embarrassing programs, things won’t change. I’ve watched the place go downhill since the mid-1990s (in several respects, not just partnering with Fox). It is sad to see what once was and what now is.

    • Hi Guest – Sorry to hear about so many sinking hearts. Please tell your colleagues that nothing will change until folks start speaking up — thought that’s nearly impossible to do while on staff…. And believe it or not, I don’t think this is solely about the money. It’s about options, and I think JF believes his current path is the only one available. I still have hope that one day he might go searching for a new one.
      Happy new year, G!

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