Death Sentence: It’s “all about family”

As we reported earlier, National Geographic Films has been “folded into” Hyde Park Entertainment, which is led by Chairman & CEO Ashok Amritraj. Anxious for a peek into the mind of Mr. Amritraj — especially how he thinks about the films he produces — we went looking for some video….

Here’s the trailer to one of Mr. Armitraj’s films — a 2007 production called Death Sentence (from the director of Saw and the author of Death Wish):

Here’s the poster:

Here’s Mr. Amritraj explaining that the movie is “all about family”:

Here’s Rupert Murdoch, whose News Corp is the the majority owner of the National Geographic Channel — and whose 20th Century Fox studio has had a long working relationship with Mr. Amritraj:

Rupert Murdoch

Here’s John Fahey, Chairman & CEO of the National Geographic Society:

John Fahey, Chairman & CEO of the National Geographic Society

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