“The China Syndrome: The Sequel”

From “The China Syndrome: The Sequel,” by Evan Osnos in The New Yorker:

What will the effect be? Bale’s near-visit is likely to draw attention in a way that activists have surmised could be helpful. In a hearing last fall on subject of Chen’s imprisonment, Jerome Cohen, a leading American expert on Chinese law, testified before the Congressional-Executive Commission on China, and said:

[I]t is possible that a combination of domestic and foreign pressures can improve the situation, especially after the Party installs a new generation of leaders one year from now. In the interim, enhanced publicity is indispensable. Today’s Commission hearing and dozens like it in democratic countries can inspire the expression of much greater foreign concern by international organizations, governments, N.G.O.s, scholars, bar associations and ordinary people.

In the interim,” what will we see and hear from Chris Johns, Terry Adamson, and other Society executives? We’ll keep you posted.

Chris Johns (Editor of National Geographic Magazine) & Terry Adamson (NGS EVP) celebrate with our Society’s new publishing partners in the People’s Republic of China. (2007)

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