The Bikini Test

This is no stunt.”


Follow-up questions:

What if the young woman is wearing a one-piece?
Does cup size matter?
Do 20-year-old blondes attract more sharks than 22-year-olds brunettes?

And what about two women making out in a Brazilian prison?
Do sharks like to attack them?
What can science teach us about shark-lesbian interactions?

  • Virginia Joe

    This from the company that published a swimsuit issue and is not Sports Illustrated.

    • National Geographic “covers the world and everything in it” — even if everything in it isn’t very well covered.  🙂

      Welcome back, VJ!

  • Ldewitt

    I thought, for sure, this was a joke or lifted from the Big Time Wrestling Channel. How downright sad. A line from a recent book, Civilization: The West and the Rest, seems fitting: The greatest danger we face is … “our own loss of faith in the civilization we inherited from our ancestors.” Instead of the big stories of our time and of times past, we get The Bikini Test. 

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