Introducing our new Futurist, Ivan Inkling

Ivan Inkling (actual size)

You may know him as the Staff Intuitionist for NPR’s Car Talk, where he worked with such legends as Snowboarding Instructor Soren Dekeester, Staff Cardiologist Angie O’Plasty, and the venerable Paul Murky of Murky Research.

Well, today we’re delighted to announce that Ivan Inkling will be bringing his powers of intuition and perception to Society Matters, where he’ll be our staff Futurist (a.k.a. “foresight consultant”).

Ivan’s assignment: To travel into the future, and send back dispatches about what National Geographic might look like in a year, in five years, in twenty. Products, services, membership, business models — they’re all part of Ivan’s beat.

The goal? To supplement our ongoing documentation and critique of What the National Geographic Society Already Is with more vision about What the National Geographic Society Might Become.

Reporting from the future can be tricky, of course. “It’s part art, part science, and part speculative nonsense,” Ivan says. “But it’s necessary if we hope to make progress. For as the great historian Marsha Time once said: Those who don’t learn from the future are doomed to repeat it.”

Some of Ivan’s dispatches will be hopeful, others grim. The big question for us: Which future will our Society choose?


You’ll recognize Ivan’s posts because they will (a) carry his byline, (b) have a pale yellow background (as does this post), and (c) include this tag at the top:

Stay tuned for Ivan’s first dispatch from possible worlds to come — places “whose boundaries are that of imagination….”

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