Muammar Qaddafi: Friend of the Planet (epilogue)

He loved the planet.
He cared about the environment.
Yet he was a thug, and Libyans despised him.

Seems like there’s a lesson in there for us.


From Society Matters, February 21, 2011:

Muammar Qaddafi is murdering his own people, but let’s remember this nugget of good news: He does care about the planet.

November 2000

“… Clad in a faded sport shirt, khaki slacks, and worn leather slippers, Qaddafi presented a very different picture from the flamboyant figure in extravagant dress long familiar to the outside world. He looked tired. In the past 12 hours he had talked with three African presidents and the Italian foreign minister, worked on plans for a summit conference, and given a stern lecture to the city fathers of Al Bayda regarding unchecked development in the picturesque Green Mountains around the city. We are a backward country,” Qaddafi said matter-of-factly. “People don’t understand that we are damaging the land, damaging the environment.

In his collection of stories and essays, Escape to Hell and Other Stories, Qaddafi conveys his deep distaste for cities and other manifestations of what he sees as the barren materialism of Western urban culture: “Life in the city is merely a wormlike biological existence where man lives and dies meaninglessly.”


Dear John,
Qaddafi loves nature.
He also loathes the city (where people live).
Can you see why you’ve focused our Society’s lens
on the wrong story?

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