Dear John: Please say it ain’t so….

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  • Guest

    Oh, I wish this weren’t true but this is how far NGS has stooped.

    I saw a few minutes of the Forbidden Love episode. Made me sick. One man in love with his car, a woman (I believe) in love with the Berlin Wall. WTF?

    • And it begs the question: What next? (Buckle your seat belt….)

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  • Tannasgh

    For the life of me, I cannot figure out what this or many of the programs on Nat Geo have to do with ” … geography, archaeology and natural science, and the promotion of environmental and historical conservation.” I would imagine there are far more effective outlets for the topic of Taboo Sexuality than National Geographic. It makes about as much sense as the programming seen on the “Mystery (History) Channel”, where the connection between what they show and history is a mystery. Perhaps a thousand years someone will dig up an old DVR with this show still hanging around on the hard drive, figure out how to access the imagery, and marvel at the irony of our society’s need to satisfy its voyeuristic tendencies by watching a show about “Taboo” love while they too wonder about the mystery of choosing to air it on a network whose title would lead one to believe it would be a show about something that makes our world unique. This kind of programming reminds me low production value filler for public access cable TV.

    Whether it is National Geographic or History or any other channel, the frustrating part of the “entertainment” programming they show is that every so often they throw the audience a bone with quality shows like “Vikings.” While some shows like “American Pickers” and “Pawn Stars” do history as a very limited and often barely correct sideline, I have no idea how shows like “We’re the Fugawis”, “Guns, God and Automobiles”, “Chasing Tail” and “Top Shot” belong on a channel about history. Of what historical value are these shows? These shows are more suited for TruTV or Speed.

    On a personal note, as a person who was raised in Missouri, shows like “Guns, God and Automobiles” on History and “Truckstop USA” on the Travel Channel make me want to run and hide in shame. They reinforce the stereotype of the universally ignorant small-town American that many of us have worked hard to overcome. Shows like this send a message to others that acting stupid will make you a success.

    Finally, I once had a three channel area which included channels such as: Discovery, The Learning Channel, and The History Channel where I could seek refuge from the fetid barrage of reality TV. This unfortunate trend in “entertainment” which is a fallout resulting from the 2007 writer’s strike. I have nearly completely written off most TV, having limited my TV viewership to shows with competent writing, and channels whose values have stayed true to their original purposes.

    • Tannasgh,

      Well put. And I agree with pretty much everything you wrote.

      What response would the executives at National Geographic give you? It’s not personal. It’s just business.

      Will this approach kill the National Geographic’s hard-earned reputation? Probably, but the people responsible for the Society’s death will have already cashed in their chips and walked away from the table.

      • Guest

        Well said to both of you, Tannasgh and Alan. And as I have heard in NGS staff meetings (not kidding) — without the NG Channel, we wouldn’t be around.

        • Guest

          Well, why not talk to the people at the channel? They care about the brand, believe it or not, and tired of ngs people complaining about them. How about reaching out and having a conversation to try and understand them? As a former channel employee, the annoyance with these holier-than-thou NGS employees but their lack of respect to ask questions was one of the reasons I left.

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