Take that, you Instagram hacks!

Nikon then gets laughed off the interwebs.

Read the whole (amusing) thing here


  • Mxyzptlk

    Interesting. I agree the post was a mistake. Not because it was wrong, but because the reaction of readers could easily have been anticipated. Hey, I take pretty good pictures with a point and shoot. The point of the post was whatever the skill of the photographer, the better the equipment, the better the image will likely be. It didn’t say that any photographer will be great if (s)he has the right lens.

    • I see your point, Mxyzptlk. And while Nikon didn’t say that any photographer will be great with an expensive lens, they did say that no photographer will produce work that’s better than the quality of his/her lens. 

      This item caught my eye because it touches on a favorite theme of mine: That somehow photography is about the quality of the image itself, instead of what the image is about. That surfaces matter more than the subject. … What’s amazing about Instagram, Hipstamatic, et al is that millions of people seem to care less about image quality (relatively poor) and more about sharing experiences — Instagram filters notwithstanding. 

      Thanks for stopping by, Mxyzptlk.

    • P.S. I can’t resist asking, Mxyzptlk: Why does a comment about photography require anonymity? (I think I know the answer, but would love to hear your thoughts.)

  • AnonNG

    The quality of the image IS important in professional settings, incl. sometimes publishing. OTOH, you are absolutely correct that for many (myself very much included) the experience of sharing AND the ability to capture a striking image or precious moment spontaneously far outweigh quality considerations. (Anonymous for guessable reasons.)

  • I agree that NGM can’t publish a magazine full of Instagram shots. Then again, that’s my point — and the problem: the gap in production values between NG & the rest of the world has shrunk dramatically, esp on digital devices. Almost nothing separates the image quality at ng.com from thousands of other places on the web. … Which drives us back to the content: What’s the picture all about? What are the stories NGS is trying to tell?  … NG’s Story has changed, and that (to me) is its Achilles’ heel. 

    Thanks for stopping by, AnonNG. (You’re a different anon than Mxyzptlk, right?)

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