Over a “delay”? Really?

(from Politico)

Terry Garcia, President Obama’s pick for the No. 2 spot at the Commerce Department, is withdrawing his nomination because it’s been delayed in the Senate, Reuters reports:

“He is withdrawing his nomination today,” [an administration official] said, referring to Terry Garcia, an executive vice president at the National Geographic Society who Obama nominated in May to become deputy Commerce secretary. …

“He’s been held up for no specific objection to him, his qualifications or background. We’ve seen this happen with a lot of our nominees, where there’s an objection raised that has nothing to do with their qualifications,” the official said.

The nomination of John Bryson, Obama’s pick to lead the department, has been held up by Republicans, too.

Despite the delay, John Bryson hasn’t withdrawn his nomination.

Which makes us wonder if there’s more to this story….

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