Meet Your Society: David Haslingden

David Haslingden

Mr. David Haslingden serves as President and Chief Operating Officer of Fox Networks Group.

Mr. Haslingden is also the CEO of National Geographic Channels International & the National Geographic Channel U.S.

He has been Member of the Management Board of Sky Brasil Servicos Ltda., since May 2004. He served as Chief Executive Officer of Fox International Channels Inc. since October 2001. He joined National Geographic Channels International (NGCI) as Chief Executive Officer in December 1999. Mr. Haslingden served as Executive Vice President of STAR TV, News Corporations Multichannel television network across Asia, the Indian sub-continent and the Middle East. He joined STAR TV in 1994 from News Limited in Australia, where he held the post of Senior Vice President of Business Development, responsible for the STAR TV’s television and cable investments, including FOXTEL and Network Seven….

Mr. Haslingden is responsible for the development of National Geographic’s first-ever global tagline: “Live Curious.”

From PR Newswire:

“Live Curious” was developed after worldwide consumer research conducted to identify common values that reflect the essence of the National Geographic brand promise and would resonate and translate effectively across regions in Europe, Australia, Asia, Latin America and the United States. Qualitative studies were done on brand perception and previous taglines, while focus groups helped refine an overarching theme that struck a positive chord with viewers.

“‘Live Curious’ is at the heart of National Geographic’s DNA, and the National Geographic brand is one of the most familiar and powerful global brands, transcending borders and cultures,” said Haslingden. “And with the National Geographic Channels continuing to increase momentum worldwide, it has become increasingly important to create a common voice that would resonate in every language, while at the same time leaving space for each region to maximize local relevance.”

For example, here’s something of “local relevance” to viewers of National Geographic’s channel in India. It’s a reality TV show to help recruit soldiers for India’s navy:

It’ll be fascinating if National Geographic’s Russian Channel launches its own version of this show.

Or imagine what will happen if — or when — National Geographic launches the Channel in China. Our Society will certainly be resonating “in every language” while “maximizing local relevance” — but at what cost to those nations that still value democracy and freedom?

Rupert Murdoch controls News Corp, which is the majority owner of the National Geographic Channel.

≡  via Business Week and Satellite Today 

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