There’s Something About Adolf

If you haven’t had your fill of Adolf Hitler documentaries on the National Geographic Channel — shows such as…

Hitler and the Occult
Hitler’s Hidden Holocaust
Hitler’s Stealth Fighter
Hitler’s Hidden City
Hitler’s Lost Battleship
Making History: Hitler’s Death
Hitler: Rise and Fall
42 Ways to Kill Hitler
… and many more …

… don’t despair: The Channel will be serving up even more Hitler.

Posted: Thu., Sep. 8, 2011, 9:40am PT

National Geographic nabs ‘Apocalypse Hitler’

French docu tracks rise of German dictator

By Elsa Keslassy

BIARRITZ — France Televisions Distribution, the overseas sales unit of Gallic pubcaster France Televisions, has sold two-part historical docu “Apocalypse Hitler” to the National Geographic Channel.

Hitler” is the prologue to the six-part documentary hit “Apocalypse: The Second World War.”

The first episode chronicles Hitler’s life as a failed painter and far-right activist up to his election as Chancellor of Germany, while the second episode centers on his relentless rise to power and ends in 1939, when WWII began.

As with “Apocalypse,” “Hitler” features exclusive archive footage that has been restored, colorized and rendered in HD.

… Another popular program on France Televisions Distribution’s slate is Yann Arthus Bertrand’s documentary series “Earth From Above,” which is shot in HD. Now in its fourth season, “Earth From Above” was nabbed by Italy’s RAI, as well a German free-to-air channel, as yet not revealed.

FWIW: Seems like “Earth From Above” is more consistent with our Society’s mission “to inspire people to care about the planet” than is yet another show about a genocidal maniac. Then again, the National Geographic Channel is the property of Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp, so maybe this all makes perfect sense.

(We remember when Hitler was the enemy of our society — and our Society — rather than a linchpin of National Geographic programming.)    


  • Lee Daniels

    Since everything we broadcast is essentially broadcast to the universe, you have to wonder if some alien civilization will decipher it and decide that we  don’t need to perpetuate ourselves outward and tidily dispatch us before we can dispatch anything further.
    Or perhaps Hitler is simply the answer to Shark Week.

    • Hitler as the answer to Shark Week? 

      Lee, I think you have a future in TV programming. 🙂

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  • cdwidea

    whatever – can’t remember the last time I saw a hitler doc on their network. Hitler, by the way, still a fascinating topic – not something NGC should shy away from – but they are far from being a hitler channel. Make valid arguments that make sense, not just random lists that don’t reflect the actual schedule on the channel.

    • First, this latest Hitler series was reported in Variety, so I figured the news was worth passing along to my readers.

      Second, “on their network”?? “schedule on the channel”??? Haven’t you heard of the internet? YouTube? video on demand? DVDs? Hulu? and all sorts of other distribution channels & digital platforms? Our Society is paying for more Hitler shows to supplement the Hitler we already have on the shelf. Can’t seem to get enough Hitler. Whole lotta Hitler goin’ on.

      Third, does NGS have — or should it have — an official position on fascism, Nazism & theories of white supremacy? Do we care, as an organization, whether or not fascism is embraced in other parts of the world? Or do you think our role is simply to report and let others decide what’s best?

      (Hint: We already learned this lesson the hard way. In 1937, NGS published a glowing portrait of Hitler’s Berlin. The next issue had a glowing portrait of Mussolini’s Italy. We were in love with fascism. … But by 1941 we finally realized our mistake, and spent the next 40 years celebrating guys like James Madison & Thomas Jefferson. Seems like a waste of time & of lives to have to learn that lesson all over again.)

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