Intra-marketing (part 1)

Many years ago, we received an invitation to a workshop about something called intra-marketing.

We’d never heard the term before, and we didn’t attend the workshop. But we did read the promotional blurb. In short, intra-marketing is the technique business executives use to sell their messages internally to their own employees. For a CEO, it’s similar to regular marketing, except instead of selling goods and services to your customers, you’re selling messages, programs, and policies to your staff.

Our Society’s intranet, called ngconnect, is intra-marketing at work. Its substance and style feel less like a community conversation — of colleagues talking to each other directly — and more like a megaphone for National Geographic’s Communications office (which produces it) to address the staff. The content — adventure contests, TV promotions, links to National Geographic News, and so on — is virtually indistinguishable from what you can find at

Which makes us wonder: Why is this site kept behind the NGS firewall?

≡  Megaphone man via On The Radar

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