Our partner, Rupert Murdoch (part 3)

From “The Hubris of Murdoch,” a post by Andrew Sullivan:

Rupert Murdoch & Rebekah Brooks

“… Perhaps the most remarkable aspect of the News Corp scandal was Rupert Murdoch’s initial public response to it. Once it became clear that the crisis was of Fukushima proportions, Murdoch’s decision to close down the entire NOTW while retaining the woman who edited it during its worst period struck me as, well, surreal if not creepily contemptuous of basic morality. Since when do the innocent have to do penance for the guilty? Brooks was guilty many times over – either of fantastic negligence or of direct criminality (and she has, of course, since been arrested). But Murdoch thought he could easily keep her in her position and cavorted around London with her beaming at his side, even as dozens of journalists who had done nothing wrong were escorted from their offices, which became a crime scene. … It was only when Edelman took over the p.r. that Murdoch adopted the appropriate appearance of remorse and seriousness, and met with the parents of the missing, murdered girl, Milley Dowler, to apologize. Too little, too late.

In other words, Murdoch’s first instinct was to fight this out. What does that tell you about his sense of his own immunity to the laws and basic morality that apply to everyone else? And what does that tell us about his fitness to run an ethical media company?

Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp
is the majority owner of
the National Geographic Channel.

≡  photo of Murdoch & Brooks via Slate

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