“Bugger off, deluded fool.”


Dear John,
Do you think PZ Myers is a good online ambassador
for the National Geographic Society?


  • I think he can be: http://scienceblogs.com/pharyngula/2011/06/dear_emma_b.php

    You missed these two tweets from your round up. http://twitter.com/#!/pzmyers/status/86156191289450496 and http://twitter.com/#!/pzmyers/status/86244163074523136

    @MikeHelms4HIM may be Christian, but even a cursory view of his website http://mikehelms4him.blogspot.com/ shows he has never shown any interest in other views of religion. What leads you to believe @MikeHelms4HIM was remotely interested in interfaith discussion? I don’t see @pzmyers insulting him because he was a Christian, but rather because he was insincere.

    In your tweet you describe the insult as gratuitous. I’ll agree it was free of charge, but it wasn’t without reason – even if you and I would not have responded the same way.

    • Alun – Thanks for the link to PZ’s letter to Emma. It’s PZ at his best, and it’d be great if he’d maintain that tone. Sure, it might depress his page views, but civil discourse doesn’t come cheap. 

      What makes me think Mike Helms was interested in interfaith discussion? Well, he’s a Christian & PZ’s a scientist. Totally different worldviews. Mike shows up preaching the Gospel… PZ disagrees, and brings all his evidence to the dialogue. That’s a dialogue, isn’t it? 

      And when you write that PZ insults Mike because he was insincere, well… maybe. But PZ’s M.O. is to insult people of faith, usually with colorful language that fires up his base. http://societymatters.org/?s=pz+myers

      When PZ writes to Emma, he’s trying to persuade — and he’s quite good at it.

      When PZ blasts Mike Helms, he’s trying to provoke — and pump up his crowd. 

      I”m with @cjporkchop:twitter   who told PZ on Twitter:

      @pzmyers They’re offensive just bc they have different beliefs from us, so we can’t hope to have civil, everyday conversations with them? … I give people the benefit of the doubt. If they continue in unwelcome behaviors after warning, THEN I tell them to bugger off.

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