How did the Boston Bruins — without a big brand name on the team — win the Stanley Cup?

The Boston Bruins celebrate their 4-0 win in the decisive Game 7 of the 2011 Stanley Cup Finals. (Photo by Dave Sandford / Getty Images)

“They delivered,” writes ESPN’s Jackie MacMullan. “Together.”

The team without Hart trophy studs or an Olympic gold-medal goalie or a slick regular-season résumé that would have clinched home-ice advantage throughout the playoffs stormed the normally impenetrable Rogers Arena and kicked the heavily favored Vancouver Canucks to the curb….

[The Bruins] did it with timely goals from multiple sources, with sound penalty killing and with exceptional goaltending. No superstars, just hard-working hockey guys.

It bears repeating (no pun intended):
The Bruins won pro hockey’s biggest prize
without a brand name on the squad.


John Fahey National Geographic

Dear John,
What would you do without our Society’s formidable Brand behind you?
How would you lead our team?
What would you say?

  • dctex

    Well put. Not unlike the Mavericks winning the NBA.

    • The Mavs are an even better example. Tons of “brand equity” on the floor — but, in the long run, that really didn’t matter.

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