Will National Geographic let PZ Myers keep this up?

Another peek inside the mind of PZ Myers,
who is the marquee blogger at ScienceBlogs,
now a National Geographic property.


Dear John,
Your thoughts?

  • Woljailpapa

    One hopes so or perhaps the much vaunted freedom of the press only applies to religious people and their media lapdogs

    • Well, W, this is more about civility than about press freedom.  … I don’t imagine National Geographic would tolerate a religion blogger using similar language to berate scientists, do you? It’s not that sort of organization. Or at least it hasn’t been. 

      Both scientists & people of faith are entitled to speak freely, of course. But, in my opinion, NGS doesn’t necessarily need to serve as a host to anyone’s unfiltered nastiness. 

      Thanks for your comment… and for stopping by.

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