USA Today picks up the story….

… Ellen Stanley, a spokeswoman for NGS, tells me ScienceBlogs is not a branded site and all editorial decisions are still “in process.” David Braun, editor in chief for National Geographic News, is working on “guidelines for all the blogs on the site, not only ScienceBlogs,” she says.

Retraction Watch got the talk going with its coverage of the new partnership and a conference call between NGS and ScienceBlog [sic] management and bloggers in which David Braun, editor in chief, says:

I don’t want to sit here and comment on a case-by-case basis but I do want to work with you to work this out. We do stand for freedom of expression. We want to aim for a higher level of debate that is respectful and doesn’t offend in an unjustifiable way.

Stanley emailed me later to clarify my original post, which said Myers would be under the NGS banner. is not currently under the National Geographic banner or part of the site.

So the operative word here evidently is “currently,” as things are, as she said and I reported earlier “in process.” I guess this means NGS readers won’t accidently stumble on Myers, but it still doesn’t clarify whether the ScienceBlogs umbrella — which covers Myers and others — will be branded with an NGS logo. [emphasis added]

Read the whole thing here.

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