Transparency @ NGS: A breakthrough moment?

John Fahey’s “all hands” staff meeting at National Geographic Society headquarters tomorrow (May 5) will be webcast on an open channel, which means we’ll all be able to watch & listen (and chat in the backchannel).

Well done, John!
Thank you for finally opening
the windows to our Society.

Here are the details from the NGS intranet:

How to see/hear John Fahey update [from Grosvenor Auditorium]

Options for viewing or listening to the update at 2:30 p.m. Thursday, May 5, are:

• In person — Staff members who work at Headquarters should attend the presentation in Grosvenor Auditorium or watch on the large screen in the north end of the Cafeteria.

• By phone bridge — This option is for staff in remote locations only. The audio dial-in will be inoperable from NGS extensions at Headquarters. The number is 877-486-8163; the passcode is 02 51 509, then hit #.

• Webcast — Accessible from any computer or smartphone (Windows, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Droid, Blackberry, etc.) with an Internet connection at the link below. This option is for staff in remote locations and anyone at Headquarters unable to attend. The webcast will be not be password protected. iPhone and iPad users can also download the free app “LiveStream Viewer” from the Apps store or just use the browser.

We’ll be watching, listening & tweeting. Hashtag on Twitter: #ngsfahey

Who says our Society can’t change? 🙂

  • j. jr.

    you know this is not an open meeting. it’s someone at national geographic supplying you with proprietary information. you are showing your true colors, alan. it’s not your society. not. not. not. but i am happy to sell you a subscription.

    • I had a hunch I’d be hearing from you, J. … The meeting is on a video stream, and the video stream is open — so doesn’t that make it an open meeting?

      As for “your Society” — I have back issues of NGM with articles about NGS research grantees that often include a little note that says something like: “This research project supported by your Society.” Since the magazine copy is carefully fact checked, it must be true. “Your Society.” How sweet it is! 🙂

  • Guest

    perhaps your new boss told you that since it’s an open stream it’s not proprietary. it’s not an open stream. you know it and i know it. it says private in the address. it’s an all hands meeting for employees. they are naive enough to believe that disgruntled employees who continue to work there would not be feeding you with this sort of information.

    what have you learned, alan? where has any of this gotten you? posting your comments on the walls of mainstream media sights writing about national geographic, with links to your blog.

    it’s still not your Society. you are like a mosquito buzzing around in the dark just as you go to sleep.

    pretty funny.

    but when you do this, you disrespect everyone who works there. especially those of us who continue to work for change. not change in the way you want it, but a new look at a dinosaur.

    • No disrespect intended, J. I hope you attend that meeting tomorrow, hear some good things from John, and share some of your own ideas. Because that’s what all this social media stuff is all about, right? Engagement. Conversation. Sharing ideas. Building a better future for our Society.

      Or as one commenter put it on the NG Intranet. “Today’s world rich in social media makes the process more thought-filled. Many ways we can learn about what our customers want is to become an embedded person in the conversation — in attention zones and media zones….”

      So please don’t think of me as a “mosquito buzzing around in the dark.” Instead, consider me a “media zone.” 🙂

      Have fun tomorrow. And keep me posted.

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