BREAKING: Chris Morgan appointed EVP for Story Development @ the National Geographic Channel

According to our sources, Chris will be joining the Channel’s executive team in early July. He’ll be working out of Nat Geo’s new west coast office, where he’ll collaborate with another new hire & programming visionary, David Lyle.

{ satire }

  • Therese

    Alan, you have me in stitches (and tears)…

  • Anonymous

    Maybe he can part -time blog for Society Matters, at least it would raise the quality.

    • I’d hire Chris Morgan if I could. But, alas, I think he’s already way too big for our budget. 🙂

  • Please no more prison shows

    Maybe he has some fresh ideas for some more prison themed shows?

    • Anything is possible. 

      For instance, why not a whole series of country-specific spinoffs for Locked Up Abroad”? LUA: Russia… LUA: China …. LUA: Saudi Arabia… 

      The possibilities aren’t endless, but it’s close!

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