News Corp is the majority owner of the National Geographic Channel, but our Society still maintains complete editorial control… uh, right, Maryanne?

Not only is Michael Rosenfelddeparting,” but Steve Burns was recently seen “exiting.” Both have long histories with National Geographic.


The National Geographic Channel (which is majority owned by News Corp) recently tapped David Lyle to lead its new West Coast office. Lyle is the former president of the Fox Reality Channel.

“David knows what makes good reality television and how to satisfy its audience’s desire for more,” Tony Vinciquerra, CEO of Fox Networks Group, told Variety in 2007. “He’s done an outstanding job launching this network and helping to make it grow.”

One of Mr. Lyle’s programming moves: Bringing the U.K. reality series There’s Something About Miriam to the States. The plot: A group of young guys compete to win the affections of the beautiful Miriam. The big secret (which the guys don’t discover until the very end): Miriam is a transsexual.

Prior to the show’s U.S. launch, David Lyle — an Australian ex-pat — told Variety: “I look forward to unleashing that on the American public.

Contestants in the U.K. version of There’s Something About Miriam took legal action against Sky One.

“The screening of the show was postponed due to an injunction having been obtained by the show’s participants. It was lifted after substantial out of court payments had been made to compensate for their considerable humiliation.”

David Lyle, formerly with Fox, will soon be unleashing new programming for the National Geographic Channel.


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