Buying Eyeballs

If this report is accurate, then it should be an interesting marriage — especially given ScienceBlogs experience with Pepsi, and National Geographic’s experience with… well, with all the brands that have successfully blown up the advertising-editorial divide at NGS.

As for all you ScienceBlog bloggers out there: Be sure to review Robert Stone’s short-lived blogging relationship with National Geographic. Sad to say, his NGS engagement didn’t have a happy ending.


UPDATE 26 April 2011, 8:30 am:
Check out this informative Storify, courtesy of Martin Robbins.

  • James

    Big mistake on their part. In terms of science, they actually make a mockery of it with their bias from the medical industrial complex. People are wanting more authenticity and this is not it. I think there are many paid bloggers on those sites and they are extremely malicious-very unbecoming for National Geographic to even be associated with them.

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