Who cares about religious freedom?

Profiles in Courage

Members of an unsanctioned Beijing church gathered for prayer at its tiny office this month in preparation for a confrontation with the authorities.

… “We are not antigovernment, but we cannot give up our church family and our faith,” Wei Na, 30, the church choir director, said last week just before more than 160 congregants were corralled onto buses and detained.

— The New York Times, April 17, 2011


Profiles in making whatever compromises are required
to access the enormous market in China

Chris Johns & Terry Adamson celebrate NGM's new publishing partnership in the People's Republic of China. (2007)

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  • Catherine_91942

    Herein is the promise of America, if only WE CLAIM IT:
    WE the PEOPLE of this wondrous and great country have always been leaders for the rest of the world.
    Our Constitution and our faith in God’s love, has been a long-standing promise for the entire world. We do not have to compromise and do not have to fit into agendas or political schemes.
    We are God fearing, loving, and giving people. We have proved this over and over again.
    And there is no reason to live in poverty and without the freedom we all know and believe.
    Our fathers and their sons have fought and died for how we live today.
    It is now up to all Americans to keep this country FREE for our children and posterity.
    Everyone in this world that has ever lived, has had to fight for their FREEDOM.
    From Abraham to Obama: From the beginning of time.
    All over the world, people LIVE and DIE to be FREE.
    Freedom it is the underlying factor in all that we say and do.
    The cost for freedom has always been high, but it is our standard.
    There is nothing more or less than FREEDOM.
    Don’t let the liberal democrats sway you too far to the left or right (or in any direction).
    Because, they do not have a good word to say either way and no plan to save this country.
    This is OUR country…
    If it were not for the people, who stood up and fought and died for the freedom of this country then we may as well have stayed in England.
    We should not let our personal indiscretions divide, compete, or undermine the underlying freedom of the entire country. Liberty requires a higher reasoning and calling. Least we all loose everything. It is our right to be gay and our right to have an abortion. But it is NOT our right to impress upon other people our own personal decisions. We shoud not look for the STATE or FEDERAL  government to dictate personal freedoms.  And our government does not have the right to rule over liberty. WE ARE FREE and we do not need litigation.
    If we would all just stop dictating to other people how to live their lives, then we can ALL move forward and live and our own life freely. After all, is not God the judge of right and wrong? Since when, did God give any govenment the right to judge people or to decide personal freedoms? The last time I looked, God was not a dictator. HE has given us all the right to seek salvation or not. It is our right to seek God and to believe in His love, Christian morals and values, or not. We are FREE. Our forefathers made it happen. They fought long and hard and died for our freedom. They gave their lives for LIBERTY and the Freedom of America.
    Above all…we are AMERICANS.
    It is the lawyers and politicians that have brought us all to a place of disposition and dispute. It is a matter of human nature that we will not all agree on personal and moral issues. But our freedom as a country is not about personal matters.
     Our forefathers fought and gave their lives for the FREEDOM of this Country.
    America is like no other country in the entire world.
     And we have had the leisure to take this freedom for granted for a very long time. Is it not ironic that most all of our government officials have a background in law? The lawyers have written laws that the common person can not understand. And the politicans and lawyers thrive upon our fights about personal freedoms and make a very good living on our strife and fighting one another. And all the while, we are distracted from the most important factor in the living of our lives. The very spirit of Christianity is love and understanding for one another and peace. And if you don’t believe in this love (for country and people), then you must go live elsewhere.
    America is the only free country in the entire world and we strive to find peace and to love one another.
    Our biggest problem at hand right now is government. Let’s not let our personal freedoms deter us from the bigger issue.

    Government did not procure our freedom. We the People won our freedom from a tyrant England and WE devised a government by which is owned and paid for by the PEOPLE. And we need to decide how much government is needed to protect our National Security requirements.
    The cost of running the govenment is more than what we can afford.
    Let us FIX some problems.
    The PEOPLE of this country has the right to decide because WE OWN THE GOVERNMENT.
    And although, this country and our relations with other nations has grown since the writing of our Constitution, our purpose, Christian values and morals have not deterred.
    WE are the PEOPLE of this great nation and WE will CONTINUE to CHANGE the world.
    We share a spirit of love for one another and freedom.
    It is amazing how diverse we are as a nation and how we all live together in peace.
    This is proof that the love of God governs who we are as people.
    When I look at other countries (both Muslim and Islamic) and how they are torn apart and destroyed by their religious beliefs. They have been killing one another for ages.
    I do not believe for one second that the average mother and father who live in the middle east wants war for themselves or for their own children to live in this condition. These people are helpless and enslaved in conflicts and will die fighting a war that will never end.
    There is an armanant faction in this world. These people are making millions of dollars on war. Their whole reason and purpose is to create problems and conflict between countries and to create mistrust and fear. And they make millions every year on selling their weapons from our fear and discontent with one another. This is their business and trade.
    And we have let them do it for years.
    Their are people controlling the freedom of the people in the middle east and making a lot of money. And these people need to be stopped.
    The NSA and DoD needs to find out who these people are take them out. The killing of Bin Ladin did not do one thing for our country’s freedom or anything for the people who live in the eastern region of this world.
    It does not make sense that ordinary average people in these countries want to kill their neighbors simply because they do not believe in the same faith.
    This is a lie and I don’t think we are hearing the truth. God created everyone in this world with a heart and soul. We are all the same in our heart. There is no difference other than where we live and what we have come to know.
    The easten countries in this world have been controlled for centuries by rulers who dictate thoughts, religion, and their way of life. These people do not have freedom as we know it.
    We are so fortunate to live in such a great country.
    I am so blessed to have been born and raised in this country.
    This is a great country and should not be undermined by those who do not believe in GOD and HIS LOVE. The Love of God is what keeps us all together. We love one another even when we do not always agree.It is all in the giving and this is what we need to understand.
    I love this country and grateful to all the people that make it all happen.
    This is the best free country in the entire world. 

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