Get with the program, Spurlock

Morgan, Morgan, Morgan… your new movie — POM Wonderful Presents The Greatest Movie Ever Sold — is clever, but it’s so last week.

The cutting edge isn’t product placement, or a movie totally financed by product placement. No. The cutting edge is product programming. The cutting edge is a TV show disguised as a “documentary” — but that’s really just a shameless shill. The cutting edge means products don’t awkwardly punctuate a program here and there, but totally consume it. Cutting edge is a program where the content & the advertising become One.

And no one has mastered the form better than your friends at National Geographic / News Corp / [insert corporate brand name — such as Jack Daniel’s — here]:

(Anyone know what advertisers, if any, sponsor episodes of Ultimate Factories? Because if National Geographic & News Corp are selling ads between The Ad — now that’s cutting edge.)

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