Following the Money

Here’s a stunning statistic:

Which helps explain National Geographic ventures such as this:

This 20-year trend in personal income
also helps explain the growth of companies like Exclusive Resorts,
where membership fees start at $160,000

… and where NGS CEO John Fahey serves on the Board of Directors.


Dear John,

Do you think this income trend is sustainable?

Do you think it can be the foundation for
he growth of our Society — or any society?

Are other boutique services for wealthy travelers
coming soon from NGS?

  • Therese

    Think about the carbon footprint! I thought NGS was concerned about the carbon footprint people are leaving. Oh, that’s just media hype.

    • There’s a math problem for you, Therese: What *is* the carbon footprint for a trip like this? Not small, especially when traveling aboard…

      …”Our specially outfitted Boeing 757 is ideally suited for this extraordinary expedition. Its long-range capabilities and ability to land in smaller airports afford us unmatched flexibility. We set our own schedules, flying direct and avoiding layovers, which allows us the freedom to make the most of our adventures on land. Instead of the standard 233 seats, the jet’s interior has been customized and refitted to accommodate just 78 passengers in two-by-two, VIP-style leather seating.”

      Let the calculation of the carbon offsets begin! 🙂

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